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Bitrise: Fast, reliable Continuous Integration that already supports Xcode 11

Bitrise is one of the four wonderful companies that have helped me bring WWDC by Sundell to you, every day throughout this week — completely for free. Let’s find out more about them and what they can do for you as a Swift developer.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Bitrise — and have been so since long before they became a sponsor of my work. Not only is Bitrise a great, friendly company — full of people who are always willing to help — it’s also, quite simply, the most robust Continuous Integration service that I’ve ever used.

Continuous Integration, or CI for short, lets you automatically build and test your app on every single commit or Pull Request — which lets you and your team verify that each change passes a minimum bar of quality before it’s merged in, and that it won’t cause the build to break, or the tests to start failing.

Bitrise lets you set up your very own CI pipeline, without requiring you to be a build tools expert, and without having to spend hours or days configuring it. Simply create an account (for free!), and add the project that you want to build and test. Bitrise will automatically scan your project, and suggest the most optimal CI setup for it. You can of course configure things if you want to, but most of the time, you don’t have to.

Besides being fast, rock solid, and easy to use — Bitrise also quickly adopts all of Apple’s latest technologies. You can already build and test your app using Swift 5.1 and Xcode 11 on Bitrise — mere days after the betas were released — how cool isn’t that?

Try out Bitrise, for free, by going to bitrise.io/swift. Using that URL also helps support this site, Swift by Sundell, and all of my other work.

Thanks so much to Bitrise for helping me make WWDC by Sundell possible.