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Instabug: A complete solution for bug reporting and in-app feedback

Instabug is one of the four wonderful companies that are helping me bring WWDC by Sundell to you, every day throughout this week — completely for free. Let’s find out more about Instabug and what they can do for you as an app developer.

Adopting the new APIs and frameworks announced at this year’s WWDC is surely going to be exciting — but chances are high that the features that we’ll build will, at least initially, have bugs. And that’s fine, we all know that any kind of software — both big and small — has bugs, but the question is both how quickly we’ll get notified of those bugs, and how we’ll be able to obtain enough information about them in order to fix them.

With Instabug, both of those things become so much easier. Just integrate their SDK in a matter of minutes, and both you and your testers will get a fantastic bug reporting experience — with testers getting a sleek, easy-to-use UI to report bugs or inconsistencies, and you as the developer getting comprehensive information that you’ll be able to use to solve bugs in record time.

Instabug also automatically detects crashes and gives you detailed information about each crash — including full stack traces and lots of other useful information. But that’s just the beginning. Find out how Instabug can help you build better apps, and help support this site, by visiting instabug.com/sundell. And the best part, is that you can try out Instabug yourself — for free — no credit card required.

Thanks so much to Instabug for helping me make WWDC by Sundell possible.