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The three wonderful sponsors that made WWDC by Sundell & Friends possible

Published at 18:20 GMT, 26 Jun 2020
Written by: John Sundell

We’re not quite done with our coverage of WWDC20, but the week is coming towards an end, so I wanted to take this moment to thank the three wonderful companies that have helped me bring WWDC by Sundell & Friends to all of you, completely for free.

In a world where most of the web’s content is either hidden behind paywalls, or filled with distracting ad banners that track your every move, I’m so incredibly grateful to be able to build and share a website like this with the entire Apple developer community — without having to resort to those common practices for funding it.

Instead, my work on both this site and Swift by Sundell is all funded by sponsors who I work with directly to create tasteful ads that let you know about their products, without distracting from the content itself. So, if you’ve enjoyed this site and its coverage of WWDC20, then I’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to check out either of these three fantastic companies — as doing so will directly help fund my next set of projects for the Apple developer community:

First up, we have Zeplin, which is an excellent tool that helps developers and designers work together in a much more smooth and efficient way. You can think of Zeplin as a connected space for product teams, where designs and style guides can easily be shared, which then enables developers to instantly export values like font sizes and colors directly into their Xcode projects. Try it for free by going to zeplin.io.

Next is Instabug, the crash reporter and app quality improvement tool that doesn’t require you to compromise your user’s privacy and security. Instabug’s easy to use SDK helps you minimize your debugging time by providing you with complete device details, network logs, and reproduction steps with every bug report. And, they’ve got a fantastic offer for all readers of this site — simply use this link to sign up for Instabug, and you’ll get to use it for free for three whole months!

Finally, last but not least, are my good friends at Bitrise. Now, I could write several paragraphs worth of reasons why you should use Bitrise to add continuous integration and delivery to your project, but I’m just going to give you a single reason: WWDC20 isn’t even over yet, and Bitrise already supports Xcode 12! So if you’re tired of having to manually manage your own custom CI solution, or if your CI provider takes weeks to add support for new developer tools as they come out, then I can really recommend trying out Bitrise. Learn more at bitrise.io.

Again, if you could check out either of the above three developer tools, just to try them out, then that’d directly help support my work, and I would truly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot to Zeplin, Instabug and Bitrise for making WWDC by Sundell & Friends possible!