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The new Apple Developer Forums redesign

Published at 12:30 GMT, 19 Jun 2020
Written by: John Sundell

As previously announced, Apple released a brand new version of their Developer Forums yesterday, on June 18th. While the initial reactions to the new version — which features a brand new design — seem to be somewhat mixed, it’s going to be interesting to see how this new forum format is going to work during WWDC.

The new design is definitely more Q&A-focused than the previous iteration, and the forums now look a lot like StackOverflow, since — rather than a hierarchy of topics and threads — the forums now consist of questions followed by a series of answers that can be up- and downvoted.

While the new design certainly makes it harder to idly browse the forums, given that the new design lacks any sort of hierarchical navigation (besides a short list of top questions, tags and users), it does arguably make perfect sense within the context of WWDC.

Since these new forums will act as one of the primary ways for attendees to communicate with Apple engineers during the week of the conference, the new Q&A-focused format should enable developers to more quickly get direct answers to their questions, at least that’s my hope.

What do you think about the new Apple Developer Forums redesign? Let me know on Twitter @johnsundell.

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Written by: John Sundell

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