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Welcome to WWDC by Sundell & Friends

Published at 16:45 GMT, 17 Jun 2020
Written by: John Sundell

It might be primarily out of necessity that WWDC became an all-online event this year, but I must admit, I’m incredibly excited about its brand new format. While I certainly wish that we wouldn’t be in this current global situation that prevents large, in-person events from taking place, I’m also really curious to see what a fully remote WWDC will actually look like.

How will the online labs work out, what will the experience be like chatting with Apple engineers on the new developer forums that are launching tomorrow (June 18th), and how will the major presentations — like the keynote and the State of the Union — play out? I think it’s fair to say that this will be a WWDC unlike any other, and that’s not even taking any of Apple’s upcoming announcements into account.

On that note, I’m really excited to welcome all of you to WWDC by Sundell & Friends — a brand new website dedicated to covering the 2020 edition of WWDC and its many announcements. On this site, you’ll be able to enjoy technically detailed articles, podcasts and videos — made both by me, and by some of my friends from around the Apple developer community — with new content being posted every single day throughout the week of the conference.

Just like last year, the site is completely free to access, it doesn’t use any JavaScript trackers, no ad libraries, and doesn’t prompt you to sign up for a newsletter every time you open a new page. All of this is made possible thanks to three truly fantastic companies — Zeplin, Instabug and Bitrise — who are sponsoring this site through privacy-respecting, non-disruptive advertising.

I hope you’ll enjoy this website, as well as WWDC20 itself, and that you’ll have a really fantastic week! I can’t wait to share my thoughts and first impressions of the announcements with you, along with many guest posts, discussions, and links to other great WWDC resources for Apple developers.

Welcome to WWDC by Sundell & Friends 2020! Let’s get started, shall we? 🚀

Written by: John Sundell

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