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Avoiding ‘WWDC stress’

Published at 12:30 GMT, 07 Jun 2021
Written by: John Sundell

As we’re now just a few hours away from the opening keynote of WWDC21, many of us are getting incredibly excited to finally find out exactly what this year’s updates to all of Apple’s operating systems will be.

One thing that I always try to keep in mind, though, is that the announcements that we’re about to see are not just for this one conference week — they’re for the entire next year, and beyond.

It’s incredibly common to fall into the trap of thinking that, in order to stay relevant and at the top of your game as an iOS or Mac developer, you need to completely grasp all of the new APIs, technologies and frameworks as quickly as possible, but that’s very rarely the case.

In fact, I would argue that most people — myself included — will likely have to spend months with many of the new tools and technologies before we’ll fully understand them. That’s why I’m always trying to strongly emphasize that the articles that you’ll see on this website will be first impressions — basically me and my friends sharing our initial thoughts after playing around with these new technologies for a few hours.

While I personally set aside as much time as possible for experimentation, writing, podcasting, and other ways of sharing my learnings with the community — especially during WWDC week — this is not a situation that most developers are in. So, if you only have a few hours to catch up on the latest WWDC news this week, don’t worry, the new APIs and tools will still be there once you’ll have time to fully dive in.

So, be excited, have fun, and enjoy WWDC — but my advice is to always keep in mind that there’s no rush in learning everything about the new frameworks and APIs on day one. We have the next coming months, years, perhaps even decades, to do that. At least that’s what I’m going to try to remember as to avoid any kind of “WWDC stress”, and to instead simply enjoy the conference and all of the buzz around it.

And, of course, stay tuned to WWDC by Sundell & Friends for those first impressions, initial learnings, and thoughts about the new announcements. This is going to be a fun week! 😀

Written by: John Sundell

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