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RevenueCat makes it easy to implement in-app purchases and subscriptions

Published at 19:30 GMT, 11 Jun 2021
Written by: John Sundell

RevenueCat, one of this year’s WWDC by Sundell & Friends sponsors, is a really popular SDK that makes it easy to implement in-app purchases and subscriptions within iOS apps. Not only do they offer an easy to use API, great documentation, and powerful automation — but since their SDK is cross-platform, that means that your team can share the same in-app purchasing logic and infrastructure, even if you ship your app on both iOS and Android, or any of their other supported platforms.

Now is a great time to check out RevenueCat, since they just introduced a new set of very developer-friendly pricing tiers, and their free tier is also incredibly generous. There are no time limits or free trials involved — instead, RevenueCat scales with your app as your business grows.

So, before you spend hours and hours on manually implementing in-app purchases and subscriptions within your app, check out RevenueCat, and simply try it to see how it could work for you and your project. Thanks a lot to RevenueCat for helping me make this year’s edition of WWDC by Sundell & Friends possible!