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Welcome to the 2021 edition of WWDC by Sundell & Friends

Published at 12:00 GMT, 04 Jun 2021
Written by: John Sundell

I’m incredibly excited to welcome all of you to the second, 2021 edition of WWDC by Sundell & Friends — a website on which I and some of my friends from around the Apple developer community will provide you with in-depth, highly technical coverage of WWDC21 and its key announcements.

All throughout the week of the conference, we’ll share new articles and videos every single day — with code samples, hands-on first impressions of the new APIs and features, and technical analysis of how the announcements might impact the overall Apple developer community and the apps that we build. We’ll also share session video recommendations, look into what’s new in Xcode and Apple’s other developer tools, and much more.

Just like Swift by Sundell, this website is available completely for free, globally, without any paywalls or restrictions. There’s also no creepy analytics frameworks or trackers, no auto-playing videos, and no annoying pop-up prompts to subscribe to a newsletter. It’s just a fast, simple, good old fashioned website filled with free content that you can browse whenever and however you’d like.

This is all thanks to three wonderful sponsors whose support has helped me bring this website to life — Raycast, Bitrise, and RevenueCat. These are all amazing developer tools that I thoroughly recommend checking out, and I’ll tell you more about them throughout the week of the conference.

So fire up your RSS reader and add wwdcbysundell.com/feed.rss to your feeds (or simply click this link), or follow @swiftbysundell on Twitter to get notified when a new article or video gets posted. We’ll also do a special audio live stream towards the end of the week to wrap things up, and to share our overall thoughts about the conference.

I can’t wait for WWDC21 to kick off on Monday, June 7th, and I hope that you’ll join us next week for lots of fun coverage of what I hope will be some really exciting announcements.

Welcome to WWDC by Sundell & Friends 2021!


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